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The Independent Living Centre, NSW


02 9890 0940
1300 885 886 (Cost of a local call within NSW)

Fax:    02 9890 0966

Street Address:
No. 1 Fennell Street, Parramatta
New South Wales 2150 Australia

Postal Address:
No. 1 Fennell Street, Parramatta
New South Wales 2150 Australia

Operational Hours:
9:00am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday

Services Offered:
ILC Info-line, ILC Visitor Services, ILC Access Consultancy, ILC Training, ILC Publications, ILC Magic and @ Magic.

ILC Infoline:
A telephone, fax, email and mail enquiry service. Whatever your situation, your question about equipment, aid, and home renovations, will be answered by our friendly qualified staff. Information about suitable products and suppliers can be emailed, faxed or posted to you. This service is supported by NSW Government and there is no charge to callers.
Hours: 10am to 4pm, Mon to Fri.

ILC Visitor Service:
ILC Visitor Service offers three types of service to the public. People who wish to view the equipment display and try out equipment can visit anytime during business hours. People who want to consult in greater depth and try out equipment can make an appointment with one of our occupational therapists. Community organisations can organise a group tour for their members to gain a general overview of the types of products available to help with daily living activities. This service is supported by NSW Government and donations.

ILC Access:
Advice to architects, building designers, building owners and managers on accessibility to public buildings and facilities to meet the Disability Discrimination Act, including SEPP 5 compliance. There is a fee for this service.

ILC Training:
We offer competency-based training courses for allied health professionals. As a RTO (Registered Training organisation), ILC Training can provide VETAB accredited courses specialising in lifting and transferring for care workers.

ILC Publications:
Our publications include:

  • Independent Living, a quarterly journal which focuses on bringing the latest information on products, equipment and accessible designs.
  • A Guide to Planning Bathrooms and Kitchens is available on CD and provides specific design advice, hints and tips for making homes more functional for everyone.
  • Helpful Handbook on Memory Loss. Published in June 2007, it is available free for download from our web site. If you have early stage dementia or concerns about your memory, this is the time to think about the future. With careful planning and by changing habits now, you can look after yourself and carry on your regular activities well into the future.

ILC Magic - AT Database:
ILC Magic is the assistive technology (AT) product and service database that belong to ILCNSW. It is regularly updated by staff with inputs from suppliers and organisations. It is used by the Infoline team to provide advices and information to our clients.
Categories on @ magic include:

  • Walking and Mobility Aids
  • Continence Products
  • Wheelchairs and Scooters
  • Household Aids and Gadgets
  • Building Requirements and Design Ideas
  • Seating

@ Magic - AT Database on Web:
@ Magic is our user-friendly search for our AT Database (ILC Magic) on the website. University of NSW developed it in 2009, with funding from the NSW Government. Designed for health professionals and service providers, it is also a useful resource for people with a disability and their families. Public are able to use the basic search mechanism and the product catalogue to find products FREE of charge. However, by subscribing to @ Magic, health professionals are able to access additional functions and features, and perform advanced searches for products, suppliers, and services. Fees start from $16.50 p.a for an individual subscription.
Browse Assistive Technology Database @ magic
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Second-hand Equipment Register:
The second-hand equipment register contains items offered for sale by the public. We DO NOT sell. The register may include personal care items, wheelchairs (manual and powered), scooters, chairs, walking aids, ramps, hoists, transport equipment and beds. It is regularly updated and is available from ILCNSW website for download.
View the products on the second-hand equipment register

@ a Glance Guides:
The Guides offer an introduction to different types of AT and factors to consider when choosing and using AT. They feature tips and advice about a range of products that are helpful with performing everyday activities.
view @ a Glance Guides index
Topics include:

  • Personal Alarm Call System
  • Checklist for Home Design
  • Solutions for Vision Impairment
  • Solutions for Arthritis
  • Falls Prevention
  • Joint Protection