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About Us

What is Independent Living Centre
Independent Living Centres are information resource centres which are located in every state and in ACT. Each centre displays a comprehensive range of products and equipment to assist with daily living activities. Everybody is welcome to use the ILC services, including people with disabilities, older people, their carers, parents, advocates and other service providers, health professionals, architects, builders, suppliers, manufacturers and students. You can try out products and equipment and select those most suitable prior to purchase. Please note that we do not sell items, we only display them.

Each centre has a localised products and equipment database to complement the display. The occupational therapists on our info-lines use this database to provide information that is relevant to the individual caller’s needs. You can use our info-line services by phone, fax or email.

Most of the ILC services are free to the public.

Our funding sources vary. Some are being funded by their respective state governments, some seek funding actively from public as well as from private purse. Regardless of our funding differences, our friendly and qualified staff will do their best to match products and services to your requirements, to help you to locate those special-needs products and their suppliers, to make everyday-living easier to be accomplished.

Aims of ILCA
- Cohesive, co-ordinated approach
- Comprehensive and achievable plan of action
- Sense of Commitment to a National Vision which acknowledges and supports state differences

Privacy Statement
The purpose of this statement is to let users of this web site know what information is collected about them when they visit this site, how this information is used and if it is disclosed.

When you access our website, we log your visit for statistical purposes. No attempt will be made to identify specific users or their browsing activity. The statistics collected from these logs may be used to improve the Independent Living Centres Australia´s site.

Email addresses provided via this site will only be used to respond to your enquiries and will not be added to any mailing lists, nor disclosed to any other party without your knowledge and consent.