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Write:OutLoud SOLO

ILC Reference NO 62:63:003
Item sourced from ILC VIC database

Write:OutLoud SOLO

Short Description
Write:OutLoud SOLO is a talking word processing software package for a PC or Macintosh computer. It has the ability to check spelling (flexible phonetic), check for homonyms, speak out letters, words and sentences, read passages or whole files of text. The font size and colours of the text and background can be altered to suit the user.

More Details
System Requirements
Operating system: OS X 10.2 or higher
Minimum RAM: 256 MB RAM
100 MB hard drive space
Minimum processor : G3
CD ROM: 4x minimum

Operating system: Windows XP, 2000
Minimum RAM: 256 MB RAM
90 MB hard drive space
Minimum processor: Pentium 2
Sound card: Sound blaster or compatible
CR-ROM: 4x minimum

Talking Toolbar
This enables special commands to be executed by clicking with the mouse on the correct icon displayed. The tasks these buttons perform include;
Moving through text sentence by sentence.
Go to beginning or end of the file.
Speak highlighted text.
Repeat spoken passages again and again.
Check spelling.
Check for homonyms
Defining selected words using the Franklin Dictionary.
Selection of graphics from library of sample pictures, for insertion into document.
Altering the size of text and pictures highlighted.
Alignment of paragraphs.
Altering background and text colour.
Save document.
Print in one step.

Font sizes and colours
Font size can be easily increased.
Different colours can be used to highlight and emphasise vocabulary.
Change text highlight colour.

Talking spell checker can be modified to suit the user
Auditory alert for misspellings
Read the word in its sentence.
Speak the word that was incorrectly spelt.
Spell the word.
Speak suggested words.
Spell suggested word.

Speech output
Speech options allow you to hear what you type letter by letter, word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph or selected words and phrases only.
The volume and speed can be modified.

Teacher Central
Allows assignments to be set for the users
Allows the teacher to control the Write Out Loud settings for each user (eg screen
colours, speech options etc)
Teacher can analyse word count, sentence length and number of sentences as well as
sequential words and unique words in any Write Out Loud document.

Discover Series

Factors to Consider
The auditory feedback can assist the user to recognise words and identify errors.
Listening to the text may motivate reluctant writers.
Speech options and auditory spell check can reinforce letter and word recognition.
Auditory spell check lets students hear misspelled words and listen to alternative choices.
Homonym checker allows users to check for incorrect word selection (for example: two/too)
Sample pictures and pictures imported into the Write:OutLoud SOLO picture directory can be inserted into documents, which add visual information and personalise work created by students.
The spell checker dialogue box contains small text which may be difficult for some users to read.
Assignments and settings can be 'locked in' by a teacher, prohibiting the user from altering the settings in the documents

Place of Manufacture
Don Johnston Inc.

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Supplier Information
Name:  Novitatech
Price:  POA
  Days Road
  Regency Park
  SA  5942

Postal Address:
  PO Box 2438
  Regency Park
  SA  5942

Phone:   (08) 8243 8348
FAX:  (08) 8243 8337
Toll Free:  1300 855 585

Name:  Spectronics
Price:  POA
  Unit E1 Commercial Court
  130 Kingston Road
  QLD  4119

Postal Address:
  PO Box 88
  QLD  4123

Phone:   (07) 3808 6833
FAX:  (07) 3808 6108

Name:  Technability
Price:  POA
  The Spastic Centre of NSW
  189 Allambie Road
  Allambie Heights
  NSW  2100

Postal Address:
  PO Box 184
  NSW  2100

Phone:   (02) 9975 8419/8
FAX:  (02) 9975 5932

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