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Insurance for Electric Wheelchairs or Scooters

ILC Reference NO 43:89:003
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Short Description
Insurance cover similar to a motor vehicle policy for electric wheelchairs and scooters. The policy covers accidental damage to scooter and legal liability for property and injury. It is through the Lumley General Insurance Group.

More Details
Cost of hiring a substitute scooter or electric wheelchair up to $1000 when the existing one is damaged or stolen and unavailable while undergoing repair.

Accidental damage to scooter
This covers damage, fire, theft and malicious damage.
Excess of $100.
Amount covered is to market value of the electric wheelchair or scooter.

Legal liability
This covers property and injury.
No excess.
Limited to ten million dollars.

Personal accident (death as result)

Supplier Information
Name:  Lundie Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd
Price:  POA
  Suite 402 Stanhill
  34 Queens Road,
  VIC  3004

Phone:   (03) 9820 9044
FAX:  (03) 9820 0714

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