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Wheelchair Maintenance Poster

ILC Reference NO 43:79:001
Item sourced from ILC VIC database

Wheelchair Maintenance Poster

Short Description
A poster depicting a general comments for manual and powered wheelchair maintenance. It includes a frequency programme indicating what area of the wheelchair should be serviced and when.

Price Guide
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Supplier Information
Name:  Co-ordinates Occupational Therapy Service
Price:  POA
Details:  Wheelchair Maintenance Poster $7.50 Date Effective 14/04/2003
  10 Collier Cres
  VIC  3056

Postal Address:
  PO Box 59
  West Brunswick
  Vic  3053

Phone:   (03) 9380 1127
FAX:  (03) 8080 5996
  Open Mon-Fri for general enquiries and drop ins.
   Phone for appointment with occupational therapist.

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