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KCI AtmosAir Seating Cushions

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KCI AtmosAir Seating Cushions

Factors to Consider
There are many things to consider when selecting pressure care products including nutrition, skin moisture, level of mobility, age, shear, friction, location of pressure ulcer (if present) and hygiene. Any comments regarding level of pressure care is a suggestion made by suppliers as a guide to assist with selection, and this may differ from brand to brand. When selecting pressure care products it is strongly advised that a comprehensive assessment is undertaken by a health professional to encourage correct product selection and monitoring of product effectiveness.

Short Description
The AtmosAir Seating Cushions feature two models, each of which consist of three compartments (Self Adjusting Technology - SAT Cells) which self inflate with air through one way valves. It is a non powered cushion, and uses atmospheric pressure and movement of the person to inflate and readjust the air level. The cushion has a cover which has a layer of Fleece to assist in transferring moisture away from the user. Two models are available, AtmosAirl 300 and 300P. An additional outer cover is also available.

Price Guide
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More Details
When weight is placed on the surface of the cushion, preset one way pressure relief valves open, allowing air to escape through an interconnected system. Once the optimum internal pressure is achieved within the cushion, the pressure relief valves shut off preventing further air loss.
When body weight is shifted on the cushion, air is redistributed and one way intake valves allow air to enter the cushion again if required.
When weight is removed from the cushion, a reforming agent within the air cells assist them to return to their original position.

Two models are available, being the AtmosAir 300 and 300P. The difference between is that both models have the same cushion structure and covers, however the 300P has an additional positioning feature. This allows the cushion to be adjusted by a hand held pump to accommodate pelvic obliquity. The SAT cells remain independent of this and adjust air level in response to any increase in pressure created.

The cushion features a cover which has an inner layer of Kodel Fleece to assist in removal of moisture from the user, and a outer layer of SoFleece which also assists moisture dispersion and is fluid resistant.
The option of an additional cover (Recovery 5 Cover) is available and it has a water resistant surface material and slip resistant base.

AtmosAir 300
AtmosAir 300P

AtmosAir 300
Overall Width..................................... From 406 mm to 508 mm
Overall Depth..................................... From 406 mm to 508 mm
Overall Height (Min).............................. 102 mm

AtmosAir 300P
Overall Width..................................... From 406 mm to 508 mm
Overall Depth..................................... From 406 mm to 508 mm
Overall Height (Min).............................. 102 mm

2 years

Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

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Place Of Manufacture

Supplier Information
Name:  KCI Medical Australia Pty Ltd
Price:  POA
  Level 7
  15 Orion Rd
  Lane Cove West
  NSW  2066

Phone:   1300 524 822
FAX:  1800 524 822
Toll Free:  1800 815 529
  Will visit at clients home in metro and country areas..
   7 days a week service.

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KCI AtmosAir Seating Cushions  
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