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Broda Pedal Chair

ILC Reference NO 43:25:004
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Broda Pedal Chair

Short Description
A rigid framed manual wheelchair designed to be foot propelled indoors or on even surfaces. It consists of a height adjustable seat which can be set to a height where the user can self foot propel. The seat and backrest consist of plastic strapping which aims to provide pressure reduction qualities. It has four castors. There is much adjustment and seating options available. Two adult seat widths are available.

Price Guide
Refer to supplier details for pricing.

More Details
Rigid frame made from powder coated tubular steel.

Available in two seat widths.
Seat made from a plastic strapping which has a memory to return to its original shape.
Gel or toweling covers are available if the user is unable to sit on the strapping or finds it uncomfortable.

Pedal Chair
Seat is height adjustable.
Wings are detachable.
Armrests can be raised or lowered (hidden adjustment).
Padded single footrest.
Individual wheelchair type footplates.
Seat width of either 18' or 20'
Seat height factory standard is 380mm, optional adjustable range of 320mm to445mm

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Place Of Manufacture
Broda (Canada)

Supplier Information
Name:  Broda Seating (DRP International Pty Ltd)
Price:  POA
Details:  Broda Pedal Chair $1,835.00 - $1,995.00 Date Effective 10/08/2007
  PO Box 1188
  VIC  3931

Phone:   (03) 5975 4153
FAX:  (03) 5975 4155

Name:  Iona Australian Medical Products
Price:  POA
  Unit 6,
  6-8 Eastspur Court
  VIC  3137

Phone:   (03) 9761 4617
FAX:  (03) 9761 4618

Name:  Lifehealthcare (previously Central Victorian) Bendigo
Price:  POA
  51 Bridge St
  VIC  3550

Postal Address:
  P.O. Box 2139
  Bendigo Mail Centre
  Vic  3554

Phone:   (03) 5441 8213
FAX:  (03) 5441 7762
  Open Mon to Fri 8:30am to 5:00pm.
   Home trials may be arranged by appointment.

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