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Chiltern Wispalong Ceiling Hoists

ILC Reference NO 44:22:011
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Short Description
Battery powered overhead hoists for use on a gantry or ceiling mounted tracks. The Wispa Portable lifting unit can be moved from track to track. A battery powered X-Y model provides complete room coverage.

Price Guide
Refer to supplier details for pricing.

More Details
. Hoists are available with powered raising and lowering. There is a choice of either manually operated or powered traversing.
. An air switch control enables the hoists to be used near water.

. The hoist and traverse motors are encased together in a single unit. This unit runs on a coated aluminium track which can be mounted unobtrusively on the ceiling or on a gantry.
. Standard drive linked via a step down transformer to the 240 volt mains supply.
. Cordless drive with battery recharger at the end of the track.
Each drive system has a small rechargeable battery with enough power to lower the hoist in case of emergency.

. Suspended centrally on a nylon webbing strap with two hooks at each end for attachment of the sling.

. Large air switches in a pendant box which is safe even when immersed in water.

. Choose slings with long straps.
Instructions for use are provided by the manufacturer.

W: Powered up/down, manual traverse (transformer)
WL: Powered up/down and traverse (transformer)
WB: Battery powered up/down, manual traverse
WLB: Battery powered up/down and traverse
WLT: Turbo powered up/down and traverse (transformer)
WLTB: Turbo battery powered up/down and traverse
X-Y: Track System enables the hoist to travel in 4 directions to provide complete room coverage. Wide variety of sizes and configurations.

Can be used in conjunction with the Kingfisher Pool Hoist

Load Capacity
Wispalong 100 (kg) 130
Wispalong 200 (kg) 200

Place Of Manufacture

Supplier Information
Name:  Active Mobility Systems
  30 James Street
  NSW  2141

Postal Address:
  30 James Street
  NSW  2141

Phone:   (02) 9649 1575
FAX:  (02) 9749 2889
Contact Person:  Stephen & Mark Roach

Name:  Lightning Mobility
Price:  POA
Date:  25/08/2006
  9 Aurora Avenue
  NSW  2620

Postal Address:
  9 Aurora Avenue
  NSW  2620

Phone:   (02) 6297 6672
FAX:  (02) 6297 6872
Contact Person:  Rod Aussel
  Please ring to make an appointment, as sales staff are often out on appointments.

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