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Whilst all care is taken to provide accurate information with respect to the item described, the Independent Living Centre (ILC) is not involved in product design or manufacture, and therefore not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. Selection of equipment, which is both suitable and appropriate for individual needs remains the responsibility of the person(s) considering requisition, and no responsibility is taken by the ILC for any loss or injury caused through use of the equipment or alleged to have arisen through reliance upon information provided. As information is subject to change any enquiries should be directed to the manufacturer.

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A Guide To Selecting A Baby Monitor

ILC Reference NO 61:22:999
Item sourced from ILC WA database

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Short Description
A baby monitor consists of a plug in transmitter (in the baby's room) and a receiver placed wherever the carer is in the home. As well as being used to monitor a baby in another room the monitors can be used to listen to a person who is "at risk" and / or who needs to communicate with a carer.

Price Guide
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More Details
The same frequency for both units is selected. A choice of two is given in case of interference. Switch the units on, adjust the volume and sounds can be heard even through closed doors or outside.

Considerations for use:
A battery operated receiver can be carried around the house with the carer. The distance over which the monitor will work depends on what is between the two units eg. the number and type of walls. Claims vary from around 50 - 100m.
Some have a light that indicates noise. This is helpful if the carer has a hearing impairment or if they are engaged in some noisy activity. Compare models for background noise. Some may be unacceptably loud.
An automatic battery back up can be useful in the event of a power failure.
A voice activated model may not detect softer sounds.

These are general suggestions - if you experience considerable difficulty in performing activities of daily living, consult an occupational therapist at a community health centre or aged care assessment team, or make an appointment with the ILC.

Australian And Other Standards
For some types of equipment, specific Australian Standards are applicable to the materials used in, and the manufacturing processes applied to products. Purchasers are advised to check with the supplier or manufacturer of this item as to its compliance with the relevant Australian Standards. Stated compliance with a Standard does not guarantee that the product has been tested against that Standard.

Further Sources Of Information
For more information on specific models, go to and type 'baby monitors' in the search box. Also talk to a retailer at an electrical retails store or baby products stores.

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