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Whilst all care is taken to provide accurate information with respect to the item described, the Independent Living Centre (ILC) is not involved in product design or manufacture, and therefore not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. Selection of equipment, which is both suitable and appropriate for individual needs remains the responsibility of the person(s) considering requisition, and no responsibility is taken by the ILC for any loss or injury caused through use of the equipment or alleged to have arisen through reliance upon information provided. As information is subject to change any enquiries should be directed to the manufacturer.

Item Details

Zygo Control Prog

ILC Reference NO 71:52:001
Item sourced from ILC ACT database

Control Prog

Short Description
Control Prog is a trainable infrared remote control. It can be operated by pressing the keys directly, or by using one or more switches. Control Prog has 15 levels and 241 infrared signals. It replaces the Prog III model.

More Details
Level indicator at top of keys
Low battery warning

The Control Prog may be operated by pressing directly on the keypad or by using one or more switches. The scanning pattern and rate can be customised to suit the user. It may also be controlled from a computer using mouse or keyboard commands. It is possible to use alternative computer access options such as a headmouse, voice input software or an alternative keyboard to control the Prog software.

The Control 18 and Control 10 do not have switch scanning access, only direct access to the keyboard.

When a key on the Prog is selected a red light and beep occur, then the selected infrared signal is sent.

The Control Prog has 18 keys and 15 levels, allowing up to 241 different infrared commands to be sent. Levels are indicated by a green or red light in different positions on the keypad. Macro functions can be used so that selecting one key can send a series of different commands.

Use your existing remote control to train infrared signals into the Prog.
If your Prog is connected to your computer, programming and functions can be setup and changed from the computer screen.

4 x AAA batteries

Products Available
1) Control PROG - 18 keys, 15 levels, direct access and switch scanning.
2) Control 18 - 18 keys, 5 levels (total of 81 infrared signals). No switch scanning, direct access only.
3) Control 10 - 10 keys, 4 levels (total of 36 infrared signals). No switch scanning, direct access only.

Overall Width.......... 70 mm
Overall Height........ 134 mm
Overall Height ........ 25 mm
Overall Weight (gms).. 180 gms including batteries

Place Of Manufacture


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