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Whilst all care is taken to provide accurate information with respect to the item described, the Independent Living Centre (ILC) is not involved in product design or manufacture, and therefore not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. Selection of equipment, which is both suitable and appropriate for individual needs remains the responsibility of the person(s) considering requisition, and no responsibility is taken by the ILC for any loss or injury caused through use of the equipment or alleged to have arisen through reliance upon information provided. As information is subject to change any enquiries should be directed to the manufacturer.

Item Details

A Buyers Guide - Monitor Stands And Arms

ILC Reference NO 64:18:600
Item sourced from ILC ACT database


Short Description
A computer monitor arm holds the monitor, and may hold the keyboard above the desk; allowing more work space and individual positioning of the monitor. A monitor stand, unlike the arm, holds the monitor in a static position (although some may swivel). It enables the monitor to be raised to a comfortable viewing height and may also provide storage space underneath.

Price Guide
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More Details

NON-ADJUSTABLE MONITOR ARM: Monitor is positioned above the desk allowing more work space - Monitor is positioned at a set height.
. keyboard holder.

PRE-SET HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: Adjustable in height via spacer rings, manual winding, screwing action.
. Single arm or elbow-like joint providing movement in the horizontal plane.
. tilt/swivel adjustment.

ADJUSTABLE MONITOR ARM: Allows movement in the horizontally and vertically.
. swivelling monitor platform, cable ducting & keyboard holder.

. Counter balance allows for light touch adjustment.
. Built-in parallelogram movement keeps the monitor level with the desktop at all height settings.
. Cable ducting to conceal cables.
. Tilt swivel adjustment.
. Single arm or articulation ie elbow joint allows for movement in multiple planes (3 dimensional) and is compactable providing easy storage or gas-assisted height adjustment with a tracking arm (which extends and retracts).
. Keyboard holder.

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