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Independent LivingVolume 21 No 4

  published in December 2005

Featured Articles

New Entrants - latest door hardware

People with poor dexterity and painful hand joints find the regular spherical knob the most difficult to operate, whether a simple pull knob or locking doorknob.
Until all doors are automated, door opening will continue to pose problems for many people. The right door hardware, and use of readily available automatic systems can make operating doors much easier and simpler.

Relief in Recline - pressure mattresses & overlays

There are many things to consider when selecting pressure care products for a bed. A multi-disciplinary assessment is required that considers a range of factors contributing towards an existing pressure ulcer and/or risk factors for developing a pressure ulcer. Mattress replacement systems and overlays are part of the assessment process.

Talk to Me - telecommunication devices

Everyone living in Australia is entitled to telephone access because it is considered an essential service. Given that using a standard telephone is not easy for everyone, specially designed equipment can overcome difficulties.

Ride On - scooter transportation options

Having a powered scooter provides greater freedom in the local community, but what happens when you want to take it further afield perhaps with the family on a day out?