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Independent LivingVolume 21 No 3

  published in September 2005

Featured Articles

The Right Track

Negotiating stairways is difficult, if not dangerous for anyone experiencing mobility difficulties. A stairlift may be the answer if living downstairs, building extensions or moving house are all undesirable.

A Question of Balance

Selecting the right sling is as important as choosing the right hoist. The person being lifted must be properly supported and comfortable, and the sling suitable for the task.

Ample Solutions

Improvements in equipment design for the bariatric, or obese population has provided greater variety of choice. Selecting appropriate items demands more than just choosing larger equipment.

Seeing Sense

The amount of light illuminating a task affects visual performance whether at home, in the workplace, or in public settings.
Determining how much light is sufficient to perform a visual task depends upon environmental factors, the lighting source and level of visual acuity.