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Independent LivingVolume 20 No 4

  published in December 2004

Featured Articles

Made to Measure

Selecting a wheelchair involves a variety of factors, including the correct fit. Attention to detail and accurate measurement in the assessment process will help to ensure maximum comfort and function and reduce the risk of injury or deformity developing over time.

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Paving the Way

In Australia, all new public buildings and facilities should be designed so that everyone can access and utilise them. However, the spaces between buildings are often forgotten and consequently some people still encounter barriers to independent travel.

If designing or constructing an accessway in a public area, consult the Building Code of Australia and related Australian Standards for precise construction detail, particularly AS 1428 Ė Design for Access and Mobility. These references should also be read in conjunction with the Disability Discrimination Act and interpreted within the framework of the Actís intention to provide dignified and equitable access to buildings and facilities.

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Joint Approach

Pain is a significant factor in determining the extent of any functional limitations caused by arthritis. While medication is often the focus for pain relief, there is another way to minimise arthritic pain and protect joints that, unlike medication, has no risk of negative side effects. Simply giving thought to the way everyday activities are done and being willing to make necessary changes can have an enormous impact on pain levels and function. Even small changes to daily activities can be a major step towards reducing the pain and limitations of arthritis.

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Soap & Soak

Many people love a bath as there is nothing like being immersed in warm water and relaxed.

Bathing is more relaxing if not relying on someone to assist. Reduced sitting or standing balance, pain, lack of sensation, use of one hand only may cause difficulties that require assistance. However, having a bath can be safe with the right products .

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