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Independent LivingVolume 23 No 3

  published in September 2007

Featured Articles

Animal Magic (easy care for pets)

Pets play an important role in offering companionship and in some cases direct aid to their owners. The right products help make pet care easier.

Pets can contribute greatly to their owner’s quality of life. Research suggests that generally pet owners tend to have significantly lower blood pressure and cholesterol than those who do not, even during stressful life events. They also take fewer medications for sleeping difficulties and heart conditions. Pet owners are more likely to visit the doctor less, and suffer fewer minor complains such as headaches, colds and hay fever. Even following a heart attack, dog owners are more likely to be alive one year later.

Keep Focused (products for low vision)

Regardless of the nature and severity of vision impairment, there is sure to be a product to help. The key points are bigger, bolder and brighter.

Imagine for a moment that you have a vision impairment or very little sight. How would you manage to go about the everyday tasks? Leigh has a vision impairment that is not compensated for with glasses. She has found several products to help around the home. For people like Leigh, the main thing to remember is, bigger, bolder and brighter.

Weighty Matters (a look at bariatric equipment)

With a significant proportion of the population either overweight or obese the increased demand for suitable equipment has resulted in greater choice in the marketplace.

Heavy duty equipment is generally required for anyone weighing more than 120kg, but for people weighing up to 450kg, bariatric equipment is called for. Choosing bariatric goods is more than just choosing larger items; it requires assessment of many other factors for the user.

User’s weight: gauging the user’s actual weight is very important. It may require accessing scales for weighing goods or specially designed bariatric chair scales.