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Independent LivingVolume 22 No 2

  published in June 2006

Featured Articles

Culinary Design - planning functional kitchens

The kitchen is the hub of the household, providing for our most basic needs, nourishment, family and social interactions, and creativity. The challenge in kitchen planning is to understand individual preferences and abilities, and identify how they can be best supported by equipment and environmental modifications.

Turned On - environmental control units

The ability to operate home and workplace devices and appliances is an essential part of everyday life. Environmental control units (ECU) can be set up to operate home appliances, computers, make telephone calls and open doors or windows automatically. An ECU is one device that integrates with other components and devices to comprise a total environmental control system. This system can operate one, two or all home or workplace appliances.

Thought For Food - children's mealtime solutions

Being able to eat independently by school age is taken for granted by most children. For children experiencing difficulty, the key to success is in utilising adapted eating and drinking utensils and ensuring their eating position is comfortable and functional.