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Independent LivingVolume 22 No 1

  published in March 2006

Featured Articles

Bringing Up Baby - when mum has a disability

Having a disability is no barrier to caring for an infant, even one learning to cope with a disability herself!

Road to Happiness - accessible tracks & trails

Local councils and national parks are providing accessible tracks in many and varied locations. These tracks are a compromise between providing an accessible path of travel for people with disabilities and maintaining the natural elements of the area. Having a disability should not prevent anyone from enjoying our bush and parklands.

Grasp & Clasp - an update on grab rails

Bathroom fixtures and fittings are not suitable for taking the weight of someone trying to steady themselves when showering, toileting and dressing. A well-placed grab rail is more effective and safer than a soap dish, toilet roll holder or towel rail for maintaining balance.

Winning White Goods - choosing the best features

Manufacturers design their white goods to suit the functional abilities of the majority of population and rarely consider people with disabilities. However, even if disabilities were considered it would be difficult to incorporate all needs in one design. Consequently we have listed appliances according to disability type.